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Criminal law
  • Crimes relating to medical liability health facilities.
  • Sexual offences.
  • Possession of weapons.
  • Crimes against the person (murder, personal injury, stalking).
  • Financial and corporate offenses.

  • Crimes relating to drugs

  • Criminal liability of public administrators.

  • Youth crime.

  • Food fraud and food hygiene.

  • Defence of victims and prosecution

  • Environmental criminal law.

  • Prison law.

  • Work health and safety.

  • Privacy and defamation.

  • Building offences.

  • Advice and defence for directors and managers of Associations and Sports Clubs.

  • Organized crime

  • Probation and Parol



  • Applications for Italian and English citizenship

  • Permanent resident card

  • Registration Certificate

  • Assistance in case of deportation

  • Active and passive extradition

  • Problems with visas

  • Visa

  • Entry applications in the UK and Europe

  • Citizenship and naturalization in the United Kingdom and in Italy.

  • Immigration appeals and administrative reviews of a decision from the UK Home Office, UK Embassy, UK Consulate, or Immigration or Clearance Office.

  • Representation before the First Tier Tribunal for Immigration and Asylum, the Upper Tribunal and the United Kingdom Court of Appeals.

  • Bail application

  • Various certificates aimed at citizenship applications and recognition of qualifications abroad.

Family law


  • HAGUE convention

  • Search for missing minors

  • Separation and divorce in both jurisdictions

  Civil right
  • Civil liability.

  • Contracts.

  • Patrimonial relationships between spouses in separations and divorces.

  • Child arrangement 

  • Law of inheritances, donations and wills. .

  • Real rights and possession.

  • Buying and selling of securities and real estate.

  • Rights of personality, name and image.

  • Lease also for commercial use, rent, loan.

  • Contract termination and withdrawal.

  • Advertising and transcription.

Commercial law
  • Contract law (assistance in the drafting of negotiation agreements and in the management of contractual disputes) and debt securities.
  • Operation in the phases of constitution, development, consolidation, reorganization, internationalization of the business activity.
  • Drafting of company statutes and management of company books.
  • Drafting of functional proxies, legal audits.
  • Verification and control of company policies.
  • Acquisition, sale and rental of companies, movable and immovable property.
  • Registration and protection of trademarks and patents.
  • Transfer and license of trademarks, patents, know-how.
  • Actions against usurpation of domain names.
  • Copyright protection in the fields of art, publishing and entertainment.
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